Scott "Boomy" Brumbaugh

Photographer based out of Willis, Texas, with a passion for adventure photography and providing people with something they can not give themselves. We can experience our adventures but we can not see them, not really. We see the trail, our paddle, or the handlebars but not our relationship to/in the adventure. That is something that I can give. My approach to portraiture is similar. I would rather give you an adventure story than a studio fashion shot. If a picture can tell a thousand words, then it should tell a story. What would you like your story to be? Explorer in the woods at night, princess in front of a wall of fire, or the hero of the story?

I do not use Photoshop in any of my photography. I rely on props,lighting, and timing only. Your portraits will only have what was there at the time of the shot, so what is in your final image is actually you there in that story.