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Scott “Boomy” Brumbaugh

I am a landscape and outdoor portrait photographer based out of Willis, Texas.

Father of two and husband to my bride for over two decades.

I believe that pictures should tell a story and preferably a dramatic one. Life is too short for a boring story, so lets write you a better one. Where does yours start?


1– I do not shoot nudes or sexualized concepts. If I can not edit them in front of my daughters then I do not capture them

2– I do not Photoshop (EVER) so I rely on props and lighting to achieve my goals. This means that your image is a true representation of your photo adventure.

3– Many of my themes are about empowerment so many of my female models are posing with weapons. My goal is to allow women to feel like a Valkyrie of old. A true heroine in her own tale.

4– Many of my shoot locations are off the beaten path, so I encourage my clients and models to bring a buddy with them to the session.

5- I photograph 98% outdoors, on rare occasion indoors, but never in studios. If that is what you need, I know plenty of photographers with studios that I would be happy to refer you to.

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